Saturday, January 07, 2006

Chocolate Frosted & Glazed Donuts

Donuts. One of the world's most recognized pastry. Almost no one can resist it. Over the years, we've been bombarded by commercialized donuts from various franchises, hoping to satisfy our "donut-needs". Problem is, most of these donut shops seem to rely more on their frosting than on their donuts for flavor, which is a crying shame.

My homemade donuts are cooked to a crispy exterior and fluffy interior perfection. In fact, it's good enough to eat WITHOUT frosting. But worry not, it does come in two flavors. Glazed and Chocolate Frosted. I would've posted pictures of the glazed donuts as well, but my family ate them before I could get my camera.

I guarantee that my homemade donuts are better than ANY donut you can buy from donut shops here in Manila.

Each homemade glazed donut is worth Twelve Pesos (P12.00), while the homemade chocolate donut is worth Fifteen Pesos (P15.00). A minimum of one dozen (12) donuts per order for pick-up, and a minimum order of two dozen (24) for delivery.